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Sunday, July 15th 2012

1:13 PM

Preteen models galery


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From: Tim Brooks
Subject: Colin And The young preteens pussies
Sex Factory: Part 1This material is owned by Dionysos and may not be made public in any way or
form without his express permission. The following story deals with
situations that you may or may not be allowed to read about depending on
your age or how uptight the place you live in is. Enjoy it even so.I am addicted to fanmail. Send praise, requests and anything else to
Part young preteens pussies
1Look at that boy over there, standing hand in hand with his grandfather, a
little white-faced and wearing a sweater that's a size too small for him.
That boy's name is Colin Pail. Colin isn't randier, or more handsome, or in
possession of a bigger penis than other boys, but he is the luckiest child
in the entire world. preteen pussy girlies And he's just beginning to realize it.Colin is poor, lives in a leaky house where he has to sleep with his four
wrinkly grandparents, and at school he never gets to top any of the other
boys because they're all bigger and far better hung than he is. The chances
of a boy like him finding a golden ticket were very small indeed, but yet
here is, in front of Willy Wanker's world-famous sex factory, waiting for
the gates to open.Nobody has seen Willy Wanker in many years. He is as mysterious as he is
rich, which means he is very mysterious indeed. From a time since before
Colin was born Wanker's factory has been making the finest in sex toys and
erotic accessories the world has known. But no workers enter the sprawling
factory grounds, and Willy never leaves.Then one day it was announced that Willy wished to invite five lucky
children for a tour of his factory. They would be chosen at random, because
only the golden tickets that had been hidden in the packaging of
Wanker-brand sex toys would get them and an adult companion through the
large iron gates.Within days vibrators and ben-wa balls were flying off the shelves. All over
the planet little boys and girls were asking for double-ended dildos instead
of dolls, naughty underwear instead of ponies. Even young Colin managed to
save up enough money to buy himself a little 5" dildo. And wrapped around it
was one of the five golden tickets. Colin was so happy, he celebrated with
his new purchase so much that it hurt him to walk the next morning.Mr Wanker is making them wait, it seems, so Colin takes the time to have a
good look at the other four winners.Luc is tall and rather thin, and he's wearing so few clothes that he must be
very cold in this British winter weather. But he doesn't shiver at all, and
instead is constantly rubbing his bulge which is barely contained in his
short purple pants. He's also explaining to the boy next to him, in a thick
French accent, that he was bound to find a golden ticket because he is one
of Wanker's best customers, having used almost all of his products.The boy Luc is talking to doesn't seem at all interested in what he has to
say, or in anything else for that matter. He is the shortest member of the
group, has blonde, wavy hair, wears glasses and a waistcoat, and his name is
Godfrey Pepper. His father is a duke, and Godfrey seems to think this makes
him better than anyone else.Next, wearing a skin-tight red training suit that shows off his shapely
bottom, comes the only American winner, Bo. Colin nn preteens com has heard of him before.
Bo has won three national sexual endurance contests, and has been the
centrepiece of a successful world record attempt to have one boy have sex
with fifty men in one day. That he would find a golden ticket was inevitable
for someone so successful, Colin hears his proud father exclaim.Finally, the boy standing next to Colin scares him a little. Spike is
dressed all in shiny black leather, including a revealing pouch, and like
Luc he doesn't seem to mind the nn preteens com cold much. But Spike looks mean instead of
happy, and the whip in his hand doesn't make him seem any friendlier.
Already he's asked, or rather demanded, that Godfrey wear a dog collar and
receive a spanking, but the latter turned up his nose and refused. That just
made Spike even angrier ^Ö and more excited too, if his pouch is anything to
go by."Step back from the gate please" says a strange, high voice through a
loudspeaker, and the preteen schoolgirl rape boys and their parents, or asian preteen
in Colin's case grandparent,
withdraw a few paces. The hinges screech like birds as the gates open.
Beyond them lies a wide grey square, and at the end of it the factory
itself. Bo is the first one to reach its doors. The bronze door-knocker is
in the shape of a cock. Luc eagerly grabs hold of it."You don't have to knock," says that same high, trembling voice from a few
metres behind them, "because I can tell you already I'm not home."The owner of the voice playtoy preteen models wears pantaloons and a coat of red crushed velvet. He
has a top hat on his head and a golden walking stick in his hand, the handle
of which also looks like a penis. He is so pale that he might be white, and
he is smiling. Somewhat creepily."You're Willy Wanker, aren't you?" says Bo."Well, aren't you the clever one," Willy smiles evenly."I am," the track-suited boy replies. "And the fast one. And the
strongest...""Yes, yes, I don't care much for talking," Willy disrupts him, sweeping past
the group and pushing open the double doors that lead into the entrance
hall. "Welcome, boys and g...well, boys and parents. Welcome to Willy
Wanker's sex factory!"Before showing them any further, Willy has all his visitors leave their bags
and winter coats in the hall. There preteen schoolgirl model is a brief struggle over Spike's whip,
but the boy is eventually permitted to take his most prized possession in
with him. Willy agrees with Spike's rather forceful father that his minimal
amount of clothing makes up for it. Colin thinks so too. He's been rubbing
himself a little through his underpants, looking at Spike forever models preteen and Luc.This is going to be a very interesting tour, Colin thinks to himself.
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Sunday, July 15th 2012

12:00 AM

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